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Lawyers for Nature x Discord: Welcome to our New Community Server, We're Glad You're Here

The Lawyers for Nature Discord Server is alive! Read on to find out what it is and how you can get invoved. We look forward to welcoming you to our community.
Lawyers for Nature x Discord: Welcome to our New Community Server, We're Glad You're Here
We welcome you to the new Lawyers for Nature Discord Server, if you already have a Discord account just click here to go straight there

By Krishan Nursimooloo

It's been a tantalising few months for the LFN community. With COP26 still trending, it feels like the world is waking up. Finally, the momentum to protect our natural world appears to be gathering. Yet without the proper tools in place, we could never have been as effective as we always wanted to be. If we are nature protecting itself, we're evolving. Our skills. Our knowledge. Our passion. It now has a place to blossom and fruit. LFN proudly announces the new Discord Server.

LFN's new Discord Server is a community asset, designed for ease of use

Our broad and brilliant community are based throughout the UK. We're a range of demographics and professions. We required a platform that struck the balance of accessibility, security and high-tech, one with a straightforward learning curve which works beautifully on mobile. Fun and community engagement was also a major consideration. Having used more dedicated project management platforms in the past, it was decided that Discord would become our new home - a place to collaborate, for LFN's network and the core team; Paul, Brontie, Alice and Krish.

Everyone in LFN'S Discord Server has a role, helping the community to stay organised

There's a whole system in place, designed to ensure you can find the information you need, when you need it, to help LFN defend nature. And what does that mean? Well, everything from creating legal guides and helping with case research, to assisting on funding applications and creating engaging content. Oh, and we've got lots of exciting plans to share... as we enter 2022, our Community Interest Company is set to bloom into a key legal resource for UK nature action groups.

If you use an Apple device, the Discord App is available there

What's more, by joining the LFN Discord Server you'll receive access to community only events and webinars, plus discounts on LFN subcriptions as we expand our services in 2022 and beyond. Being a part of LFN means you can raise your own professional profile, if you like, or simply and quietly contribute to the UK's fastest-growing legal community, specialised and dedicated to nature law. We are lawyers, teachers, students, networkers, creatives and all of the above. But you could be none of those. We welcome diversity in all its forms. We welcome you and your tribe, whoever you are and whatever your aims in defence of nature.

If you use an Android device, the Google Play Store is the way to go

OK, so that's all great. But how do you get involved? Well, it's simple really. All you have to do is create an account, which you can do by clicking here.

Then, you have a few options - you can just login via your browser with your new account, or you can download the mobile apps via the App Store or Play Store.

Then all you have to do is navigate back to this page and click the LFN Discord Server invitation link, which you can access by clicking here. Easy, huh?

You can also feel free to share the link with your own network, just copy and paste this link wherever you like https://bit.ly/LFN-Discord-Blog and they can join too!

For an in-depth Beginners' Guide on how to use Discord, you can follow this link.

And finally, if you have any problems whatsoever in creating an account, downloading the app, logging in via your browser, or anything else, just send a quick email to support@lawyersfornature.com and the team will help you.

On behalf of the whole community, we look forward to welcoming you!