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Photo showing a perfect surfing wave breaking

Waves in Brazil granted Rights of Nature: Analysis

Alex May shares some thoughts on this recent Rights of Nature implementation, reflecting on the fact it’s primarily for human benefit and that an inorganic flow pattern is the legal subject.
7 min read
Poster hanging from a ceiling saying 'The flowers of tomorrow are planted in the seeds of today'

We are the Garden of Tomorrow

We’ve been reflecting on our time at the Garden of Tomorrow from House of Hackney. Here's what we learned.
3 min read
Photo of people marching on a road with a banner saying 'Restore Nature Now'

Standing up for Rights of Nature - Election special

Raising Rights of Nature with political candidates ahead of the General Election.
2 min read
Map of the UK with pins listing various initiatives

The English Rights of Nature Landscape

Alex May and Paul Powlesland survey the current initiatives and Rights of Nature movement in England.
9 min read
The image is a poster for the festival listing slogans and speakers on a forest background.

Garden of Tomorrow Festival: We Are Nature

We are excited to share with you the Garden of Tomorrow Festival in June, on the theme 'We Are Nature'.
1 min read
Picture shows a huge pile of rubbish in the foreground with woods behind.

The Destruction of Hoad’s Wood – and the need for Rights of Nature

Paul Powlesland tells the tragic story of Hoad’s Wood, used as a landfill and ignored by authorities, and how it shows we need Rights of Nature and guardianship.
9 min read
LFN and Sheffield Tree Action Group logos

Rights of Nature and Guardianship for Sheffield Trees

Paul Powlesland, barrister and Rights of Nature campaigner who acted for Sheffield activists, proposes that trees should have Rights of
5 min read
Circular logo which is half-fingerprint half-treestump, and campaign name and slogan

We Are Nature – the campaign to change the dictionary definition of Nature

Jessie Mond Wedd talks us through the new We Are Nature campaign, launched in collaboration with Frieda Gormley and Javvy Royle of House of Hackney.
10 min read
Stop Ecocide campaigners standing outside an EU building holding a banner about Ecocide.

Reviewing the New EU Environmental Crimes Directive

Luna Andersen Frank takes a look at the forthcoming EU ‘Comparable to Ecocide’ Directive, a pivotal development which takes a more holistic approach to the environment, has more specific offences, and stronger pentalties.
13 min read
A protest placard reading 'No business on a dead planet'

From Nature Aware to Nature Positive Business

LFN’s Alex May reflects on developments in relation to business and nature, in light of the recently published Opinion
9 min read