Get Involved

If you share our mission and want to get involved in a voluntary capacity, you are very welcome – there’s a lot of work to do!
Get Involved

If you share our mission and want to get involved in a voluntary capacity, you are very welcome – there’s a lot of work to do! There are opportunities for student volunteers, experienced lawyers, and other skillsets as well. Here are the main ways you might want to get involved, though we are open to other offers and ideas as well.


There are opportunities for students, recent graduates or experienced researchers to contribute to our research projects. As a volunteer researcher you could work on a suitable research project alongside one of our experienced researchers – or partner with us on a project you want to lead. When you contact us, let us know about your experience, if you have any particular interests or ideas, and what sort of timescale and capacity you might have (without prejudice!).

Write for our Blog

The LFN blog is a place to discuss developments, ideas, news and other items of interest in relation to environmental law, protest, Rights of Nature and other related work. As one of the leading organisations on Rights of Nature in the UK we welcome submissions which contribute to the discussion.

Whether you want to dip your toe into writing for the first time or share something you are already working on, we welcome submissions on any topic relevant to our work. Please use the contact form below to let us know your idea!


We are always looking to make more connections with others working in this area and happy to support existing projects relating to our work. If you are interested in discussing ways we might work together, please get in touch!

Events and Networking

We are looking to host talks and networking events in the near future. If you would be interested in attending please sign up to our newsletter to stay informed. If you would like to partner or present for an event, please get in touch!


We previously operated a Discord server to coordinate with our volunteer network. However, for the time being we have retired this and scaled back to direct correspondence with our team and broadcasting through newsletters. We may reboot this in the future.

Contact Form

If you would like to get involved in some capacity – including something not listed above! – fill out the form below. Let us know who you are and how you might want to be involved. One of your team will then get back to you or get in touch if a suitable opportunity arises.

Community Values

From laymen and content creators to students and legal professionals, we welcome you! Together, we will defend the natural world. We value everyone at Lawyers for Nature, irrespective of creed, colour, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability / neurodiversity status. Everybody's views are valued equally and we strive to create a community that recognises difference.