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Reach out for justice.
Supporting the natural world and all who seek to defend it.

At Lawyers for Nature, we empower people to use the law themselves to protect nature. We seek to redress the power dynamic, so that the communities that need access to the law have the tools and education required, when they most need it. We are democratising access to the legal system for nature defenders.

We do all of this through our four core aims:

  1. Adapting the corporate governance of organisations around the UK, putting nature at the heart of decision-making processes
  2. Providing research opportunities for legal students interested in high-profile activism, corporate governance and administrative casework
  3. Research on cutting-edge legal concepts related to nature, including legal representation of non-persons and its interaction with the right to a healthy environment
  4. Provision of legal guides and advice on specific, high-profile transactional cases including the Judicial Review process

Please note that due to limited resources, we are generally unable to assist with ad hoc local casework. If you require direct support, please refer to partner organisation the Environmental Law Foundation. For details regarding our regulatory and insurance status, please see our About Page.

If you want to contact us, please use the form below.

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Legal: You have a legal issue that needs addressing by Lawyers for Nature, including wanting to put Nature on the Board.

Funding: You are interested in helping to fund Lawyers for Nature.

Media: You are a journalist or influencer keen to work with Lawyers for Nature.

Partnerships: You are an organisation matching our values and mission.

We make every endeavour to answer to your enquiries in a timely manner, however this area of law is underfunded and as such, Lawyers for Nature is a voluntary organisation. This means we have limited resources, so we appreciate your patience as we triage our responses according to capacity and urgency.

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