Who we are

How it started and our future mission.

Lawyers for Nature (LFN) is a Community Interest Company whose origins lie in the successful legal assistance given by our co-founder, Barrister Paul Powlesland, to a grassroots campaign to save thousands of street trees from being felled in Sheffield. We aim to democratise access to legal support for those seeking to defend the natural world.

Barrister Paul Powlesland - Co-founder of Lawyers for Nature

LFN’s members are a mix of law students, professionals and volunteers from a diverse range of backgrounds. We are united by our drive to create a more inclusive legal system, so that community action groups and environmental defenders can access the support they need to protect nature and their local environment. We do this through a mixture of education and awareness, while raising funds for specific local projects.

Currently, the lawyers working for large companies and developers, seeking to develop and build on green space, vastly outnumber the lawyers advising those groups seeking to defend their local environments. We seek to redress this legal and power imbalance, through the use of our volunteer network, knowledge database and in-development legal advice clinic. We will do our utmost to support environmental protection casework, particularly of strategic importance in the fight to protect the natural world. We will use our own resources or signpost to other resources, if we cannot support a particular case due to current capacity constraints. Our community is rapidly evolving, so get involved!

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