Nature-Positive Corporate Governance

Supporting organisations that want to have a positive impact on Nature.
Nature-Positive Corporate Governance
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One of our main projects is our work on Nature-Positive Corporate Governance. This is to support organisations who want to ensure their activities are better aligned with the interests of the natural world. We support them to change internal governance structures and processes in pursuit of this.

The best known intervention, from our work with Faith in Nature, is to appoint a Nature Director so that Nature is on the Board. But this is only one of a suite of changes which we recommend and can support with.

The current range of possible changes is:

  • Including being Nature-Positive as part of the purpose of the organisation
  • High-Level Nature Representation, such as a Nature Director
  • Having a Nature Shareholder(s)
  • Transparency and Accountability, such as reports about environmental impacts
  • Training and Education about being Nature-Positive
  • Internal Governance Processes

If you are interested in discussing this more please get in touch.

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Case Study: Faith in Nature

This work began when Faith in Nature got in touch to ask if we would help them on their journey. We are proud to have been able to support the natural hair care and soap company in giving the natural world a significant voice within their business. Having someone whose sole role is to represent the natural world in Board discussions will assist other Directors and employees in working towards more harmonious relationships with the rest of nature.

Faith in Nature contacted us in 2021 and the change was implemented in August 2022 (including this wonderful short film about it). While placing ‘Nature on the Board’ was the most spectacular change, there was another significant change too: changing the objects clause in the company’s constitution. Now, part of the purpose of Faith in Nature is both to have a positive impact on Nature as a whole and to minimise harmful impact from business operations. This gives a clear commitment to being nature-positive right at the top of the organisation, as well as a secure basis to making decisions which are better for nature as a whole but which may be less profitable in the short term.

Faith in Nature has long been working to be sustainable and have low environmental impact. It also recently became a B Corp, which verifies companies having a positive impact on their workers, customers, community and the environment.

Simeon Rose, Faith In Nature’s Creative Director and driver of the initiative, said:

“We’re delighted to be the first to do this but we don’t want to be the last. Our hope is that other businesses who take their responsibility to the natural world seriously will follow suit - and we’re really happy to share details of how and why we did this. We’ve always wanted Nature to be at the heart of what we do and this felt like this is the next serious step we could take to make that a reality. This is much more than spin: by changing our governance structure we are making sure we’re legally accountable and that what’s good for Nature informs our strategy.”


We are now working to support organisations who wish to change their governance structures and processes to be Nature-Positive. If you would like us to support you with this, please get in touch.